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Are you interested in earning money for your facility while learning? Do you want marketing opportunities for your facility? Work with clinician and horseman Scott DePaolo to have a benefit clinic put on for your barn while learning horsemanship and partnering with your own horse for the weekend. Contact Scott DePaolo now! 

Twice a year, horses are moved 180 miles across the cascades and 35 young people get the amazing opportunity to ride along for nine and days learning horsemanship along the way! If you are looking for a great outdoor adventure, sleeping under the stars and a great chance to ride a horse this is the experience for you. Each November is a lottery for the riders who want to participate on these treks. There is the Eastbound in the spring and Westbound in the fall. If interested read about it more: 

Butte Creek Ranch is dedicated to preserving the traditions of the buckaroo and creating a place where people can come ride, learn and experience the great outdoors. The teens who have participated on the 9 day horse trek get the opportunity to come out on the weekends during the winter and help run the horseback riding program. Take care of the horses, learning many of the ranch chores and about the work that it takes to run, and growing in their horsemanship! If interested in a weekend ride contact at: 

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